AltradSkills offers other practical and theoretical training to provide candidates with the skill set and knowledge to enable them to carry out specific tasks safely and successfully.

Other TrainingDurationCost
Supervisory, Leadership and Mentoring Program (SLaM)2 days$1,750.00
Alcoa Hot Works & Fire Watch1 day$550.00
Big Ben Brake Pulley & Ropes - User½ day$550.00
Big Ben Brake Pulley & Ropes - Installer½ day$750.00
Blast Equipment Familiarisation1 day$550.00
Challenge Test Power Tools1 day$550.00
Chartek2 days$2,250.00
Respiratory Face fitting½ day$110.00
Gin Wheel & Ropes½ day$300.00
Haki Scaffold Training½ day$360.00
Ringlock Layher Scaffold Training½ day$360.00
Ringlock ATPAC Scaffold Training½ day$360.00
Milan Rescue½ day$360.00
Job Hazard Analysis Training1 day$320.00